This page was created by suggestion to a new player of Monster Blade, asking for a general guide - and more so, useful information. This won't necessarily be a "guide" to win the game, as Monster Blade is about two things: Equipment, and Skill.

I just started! What do I do?Edit

Keep going through the game as high as you can. Very early on in the game you'll receive a grass (or fire?) based weapon which for its early levels is rather quite good. However like with any game, if you receive an upgrade later on - do switch to it.

Since the weapon you first acquire is fire (or grass?), it is a good idea to have a secondary weapon - preferably the element that can compensate for your weapon's weakness (If you're using Fire; Get Grass. If you're using Grass; Get water), or else your damage against Water Monsters will be halved due to elements.

If you feel you cannot juggle two weapons at once, try farming a stage that's Metal or Lightning based and acquire a weapon of that attribute. Metal and Lightning elements have no weakness', but strengths - so Metal deals more damage to Lightning, but Lightning does not have a strength to anything else so with one of these two elements you're guaranteed to always deal at least 100% of your damage.

Since you'll have just started, continue to progress. Do some fights over and over to farm some equipment if you want; There's no real need to farm the same dungeon 20 times in hopes of something better, you'll out level it - and maybe even out rank it eventually.

Armor is beneficial for survival but it is not required to win.

Since Monster Blade is all about skill, all you really need is a weapon. Armor gives you defense and HP by default, however they can also gain additional stats. Upgrading armors will also increase these stats. These bonuses are the things you want, as the armor will be irrelevant if you're skilled enough - but there is preference in this game, too. If you wish to play Defensively, please by all means wear defensive gear. As long as you have a good weapon, that's all you need!

Is this it? Do I just keep trying to progress?Edit

You bet! Like with any game, some things will come with experience and if you're not new to games, common sense. Each monster in the game has a very readable attack pattern, some are more confusing than others though. If you fight the same monster over and over again, eventually you'll learn their patterns and be able to dodge or block accordingly.

If you're having issues trying to identify monster patterns, you can refer to the Beastpedia. The common consensus for the game though, is if there's a 'wind up' time to the monster's attack, or a 'charge' time in which it seems as though it'll hit you directly head on - this can not be blocked, and must be dodged. Every attack in the game can be dodged except two, Vahagn's underground attack and the Anahit's Stone Gaze.

Does this mean I should just dodge everything?

No, dodging has one flaw to it but it can be over seen with experience or skill. The benefit of a Perfect Block is that you don't move, so the enemy's central core remains facing in your direction as they are stunned, however if you do a dodge you move to one side of the enemy and in some cases the enemy doesn't bother to turn to look directly at you, but instead will just attack causing your judgement on when to block or dodge to be thrown off - or sometimes it just throws off animations causing you to fail things such as a Perfect Dodge even if done at appropriate times.

What stat bonuses should I try look for on equipment?Edit

Whichever you want the most! Having full Life Syphon may help heal you if you get hurt, but your damage will be low. Having full Seed (Damage) will help you kill an enemy faster, but you won't regenerate any HP for attacks. Should you mix both? It's all what you prefer!

There is a Max Stats section you can view on the FAQ to see what the total amount of stats you can achieve are, but these are for the 5-Star equipments. Even at end game level and content, everything still comes down to preference.

Seed will increase your base damage.

Chaotic will increase your critical rate.

Vanguard will increase your base defense, and also the elemental resistance on what the armor's element is strong again (i.e, if you're using Water, it'll increase Fire resistance but weaken Earth)

Life Syphon will regenerate your HP based on a % of damage you do.

Starlight will increase your maximum HP.

Equipment and Gold is hard!Edit

Please refer to This and This.

Using the equipment upgrade method referred to in the link above will save you quite a bit of money, especially in the long run.

If you're still needing a bit of quick gold, try the current event - but choose the Dodobo. The best way to get gold against a Dodobo is by using the Viper Strike.

If you're also trying to aim for the 'Breaking the Bank' achievement, which is to earn over 2,000 gold in a fight - you can use the 'cheesing' method to get a good amount of quick gold, and the achievement!

Stoning the Dodo freezes the timer allowing you to continue hitting it with no worries. See the video below:

Monster Blade - Cheesing the Dodo's

Monster Blade - Cheesing the Dodo's

Can I try that event currently active?Edit

You sure can, in fact I'd recommend it if you're leveling. When you achieve a level, all of your Stamina and Battle Points reset. If you use all of your Battle Points trying to fight the event boss, if you go and level in regular dungeons and succeed in doing so - you'll get those battle points back allowing you another 3 tries at the event boss. If you manage to beat it, you may just get a piece of equipment that'll really help you through the story. Since the Godbeast Events drop the best gear in the game, it's surely recommended to try them as much as you can. Even if you don't think you're a high enough level, they scale with you, but your level restricts you from recieving all the bonuses. But even one 5-Star will make the world.

Event armor! Should I get it? Which is best?Edit

You should be aiming to get the armor of whatever your current event is, because all Godbeast Armor is the best in the game due to its highest in the game ranking; 5 Star. You should be aiming to do it as much as possible. The damage between a 4-Star weapon and a 5-Star weapon at max upgrade is 242-374 (min-max) and in equipping the full sets, you'll give yourself nifty little perks to help you through other Godbeasts and even the main story if you've not yet completed it.

Which Godbeast Armor is best?

This is purely preference. Though each have their ups and downs, arguably some stand above all - but only in a perfect world.

Wolf God's Set will give you second wind, allowing you to revive upon being killed. Your revival will only be temporary however, for 30 seconds you will be granted a faster attack speed, more damage and more defense. In this time frame you're given a second chance to finish off the enemy you died against; But after 30 seconds your attack speed, damage and defense are hurt significantly by being reduced to half of what it normally is. Your HP will also go down to 1, meaning a single attack will kill you. You're capable of finishing off the enemy even when Second Wind has worn off, but the speed and damage of your attacks combined with how frequent you'll have to dodge or block enemy attacks (meaning you'll need to regain stamina) will be very, very poor that it's not recommended to bother unless the enemy is very close to death as so much as 5% of health on a boss can take up to 3 minutes of time. Since the set relies on you dying, ideally in a perfect world you'll never want to fall this low meaning if you're a player who doesn't, you may rarely, if ever, see this set activate.

Hydra God's Set has a great recovery speed perk, but sadly its biggest draw back is that it activates at under 15% HP. This set however benefits most from Vanguard and Starlight Blessing attributes on armor as Heroic Godbeasts even with 5-Star equipment maxed out, can one or two shot you: If your HP goes from 16% down to 0% (Death), the set will not activate which is what makes this a less attractive set. However its power really does lie within the HP regeneration; its recovery speed is quite effective and lasts for 45 seconds meaning you can for the most part, just keep taking hits and you'll recover the HP you lost before the enemy attacks again (This may NOT apply to Heroic Godbeasts depending on your stats). The Vanguard & Starlight Blessing attributes on armor give more leeway for the recovery speed to activate which is why it's recommended for this set. Unlike the Second Wind from Wolf God's set however, once this effect ends you will retain the HP you've recovered. If you're close to activating the set but fear the next attack may kill you, do a regular block as you will mitigate most of the incoming damage but still get hurt.  Since the set relies on you falling under 15% of your HP, ideally in a perfect world you'll never want to fall this low meaning if you're a player who doesn't, you may rarely, if ever, see this set activate.

Wyvern God's Set is a beserker set, essentially. This will only activate when you fall under 15% HP however, but upon doing so your attacks will have a 12% chance to inflict a Poison on the enemy which can then be Perfect Blocked to inflict 9% of the enemy's total HP. This may not seem like much in text, but in game for some Heroic Godbeasts such as Heroic Anahit, this can deal up to 32,000 damage. Activating this set requires you to fall under 15%, so like Sahapet Djour you may want some Vanguard & Starlight Blessing attributes for your armor. If you don't want to add armor but go full attack to make the most effect out of your poison, then you'll be relying on your own judgement and doing regular blocks to activate it. You can use Life Syphon and Sunbeam Friend Assist to recover HP after the set has activated; But with doing this, you're either taking up armor attributes that could be used for something else, or a different Friend Assist. Like similar HP triggers such as the Wolf God and Hydra God, the 15% HP threshold can be achieved on purpose for it to activate just for the additional damage throughout fights where as Wolf God gives you 30 seconds and Hydra God only has a duration of 45 seconds.

Gargoyle God's Set is a set which allows you to abuse recovery times. When activating Anahit's set, every Perfect Block will cause the enemy to be stoned. This is 1.5x~2x longer than the regular stun frames for a Perfect Block/Dodge, giving you more time to attack the enemy freely or regain Stamina. The drawback is that if you don't time the Perfect Blocks well, you will still receive damage. If you're a person who loves to do combos to get that little more battle score, this will be great since the additional Stamina recovery time will help; even if you're someone who just isn't great at blocking/dodging that you do it too much. Or, you may just like having the extra time to attack the enemy - because it does add up!

Dragon God's Set is the most strongest in terms of damage... but not necessarily DPS (Damage per Second). This set upon activation will pretty much kill a regular enemy in one hit, and for bosses 10,000 which depending on the enemy can be just a bit of a scratch. Most people will flock to this set because of the benefit of killing normal enemies in one hit, or the 10k damage to a boss and spam that. This is not recommended as the base use for this set; See it as additional damage, not as your damage. You should still be attacking if you have this set. Currently due to the Dragon God Set's bug, if you care for your battle score you may not want to use this set.

Aramez's Set is the best in the game in terms of DPS (Damage per Second) if you stack Seed and/or Chaotic onto it. Every attack you do, will strike again - Criticals included (Meaning one strike of a critical will inflict twice, doing a total of 400% the normal damage!). This is a set everyone would drool over, but the biggest drawback to it is that if you go under 90% HP (95%?) the set no longer begins to work, meaning you'll be doing normal damage. In theory this is the best set in the game because your base damage is doubled, and against enemies weak to Metal, you'll be using the equivalent of what the Special Godslayer Armor's offer. This is the most skill dependant set in the game because every experienced players will still get hit sometimes, whether it's from a twitch or quickly scratching your nose - you'll either lose the effect entirely, or you'll need to regenerate it back up again. It's the perfect set, in the perfect world where no one gets hit - but people do. A failed block can even kick you under the HP threshold, and if you have no ways to recover that HP lost, you'll be doing 100% of your normal damage which wouldn't seem so bad; but if you were using the enemy's weakness you'd always be doing 200% of the damage, regardless your HP. Another issue to consider with this set is that due to the multiple hit effect, the game will then have more numbers and special effects for every attack you do which can obstruct your vision making it hard (or sometimes impossible) to see what attack the enemy is doing.

Assuming you've read this far into the page, which Godbeast Armor is best?

Best? All preference. Whichever of the ones you find sound most awesome or compliment your gameplay style above. You should be considering more for which set to choose, other than 'Will it help my damage?', because although sets like Dragon God's and Aramez' better your damage, you will have to suffer through needing to meet the criteria for the set to activate everytime. Aramez's set will require focus or HP regeneration to keep it active, Dragon God will require you to do the correct amount of Perfect Dodges - And since these only remain active for until the end of the level (2 enemies, 1 boss; or 2 bosses for Events), you will have to activate these every single time.

It is highly recommended you acquire the current event's armor as they are one of the only ways to acquire 5-Star gear; Due to its 5-Star rank, it's the best equipment in the game. The preference of which to acquire is up to you, but if you already have a full set of 5-star equipment from Epic Chests then you don't really need to get any Godbeast Armor, though it's recommended since the additional benefits can be handy and you may also want to abuse elemental weaknesses.

The best Godbeast Set to get if you're completely new to the game however is Wolf God. The Wolf God set has a 100% activation chance upon death and being new means you'll still be learning the ropes of various enemy attack patterns, that you may die. Especially on bosses. Having the Wolf God set is the most beneficial for a new player especially in Heroic/Event Godbeast fights where being hit is very unforgiving this set will allow new players to revive and hopefully finish off the boss for a chance to receive the rewards for completing the fight as they would normally. Even in the story its beneficial. If you can revive for free and finish off the enemy, then you've lost nothing!

Combos! Bonuses! Score!Edit

Combos quite frankly, aren't too useful. They consume a fair bit of Stamina (one for the dodge, one for the combo itself: For Phoenix Talon it will consume double) and their addition to the Battle Score is really quite minimal (520 each combo). The most useful combo however is the Viper Strike (Right, Right, Down). The character uses a flurry of attacks to deal low, but quick damage. There's about 8 hits in this, so it can be quite good against Dodobo's as they give money based on hits not damage, or activating the Nhang Agni Set's poison as each hit has a chance to inflict it.

Viper Strike is also difficult for most people when they first start, only because its direction (Down) requires it to be literal. Directional attacks in the game are pretty general, in a way that swiping left will do the same directional attack even on different angles - as long as you're going left. However Viper Strike requires it to be down in a straIght line, as most people play with their thumbs, you may be curving your thumb too much if you find it difficult to get Viper Strike off.

What about the Variation Bonus?

Also quite minimal in the Battle Score, to be honest. Attack whichever direction you find most comfortable for you. Each direction you swipe will usually have its own unique attack style, but they're all balanced in a way that the ones which aren't so fast hit for more, and the ones fast will hit for less in comparison to the stronger, slower ones (Downwards strikes, for example)

If you care for Variation Bonus a lot, if you're currently achieving a Variation Bonus, using the Combo Attack will continue the variation bonus. If the variation bonus is not active, the combo attack will not have the variation bonus to it either.

I'm stuck on a certain boss!Edit

Practice makes perfect, this game is skill based after all...

... but cheesing enemies, does in fact exist. Cheesing is a general game term which refers to taking the most easiest and 'cheapest / least honorable' method to complete a task or kill an enemy. In Monster Blade, this can be done with the Friend Assist of a person who uses the Full Gargoyle Set.

A person who uses the full Gargoyle Set, upon activation will summon Anahit and stone the enemy while at the same time giving you the Friend Assist Bonus.

In using this method, it gives you around 10 seconds of free attacks on the enemy, and depending on the Friend Bonus that the person had, giving you the buff. So you can have additional critical hits active to freely hit the enemy as much as you want not having to worry about dodging or blocking, wasting precious bonus time.

Which friend bonus should I pick?Edit

It's entirely up to you. If you think you'll be getting hit during a battle, the Sunbeam is a good way to save you from the brink of death in an instant. The critical and additional damage also make for some good DPS. Or even Dynamic Slash if you want a quick burst.

Critical Strikes or Strength in Numbers?

Critical Strikes in the game seem to do an additional 100% of your damage, where as the Strength in Numbers adds an additional 757 damage. For early levels the Strength in Numbers would be quite a good upgrade as your base damage is rather quite low, however when you get over 800 damage Critical Strikes begins shining quite brightly, and even more so if you wind up using the full Godbeast Armor's at max level which can boast a good 1200 damage more at max level when using everything but Seed for additional damage, meaning that a critical strike with full Seed gear can give you an additional 2200 base damage.

However the numbers for the Directional Attacks are unknown, as such even though you may have 2200 base damage, some attacks may not achieve that much - usually because they're balanced by being fast attacks.

Maximising your damageEdit

Since the game is about killing monsters, you'll no doubt want to maximise your damage (or DPS) as much as possible. Ignoring stats and focusing on skill, the best way to improve your damage is to maximise your uptime, and maximise the enemy's down time.

Swiping directly down is useful for stopping the enemy, depending on if it occurs or not (unknown variables), you can force the monster into a 'knocked down' animation which can continue until the end of the combo (where the character will front flip over their weapon). This doesn't always happen though and often, enemies will ignore the knock down animation and attack as regular.

Abusing Perfect Block + Dodge as much as you can! This one kind of goes without saying, but when you do a perfect block or dodge you stun the enemy for a few seconds giving you enough time to do up to 5 slashes before they begin attacking again.

When to use your Special / Super Combo - The super combo is handy because if you manage to activate it, you're getting free damage as you're guaranteed to stun the enemy until the finishing hit. This can be chained quite well in addition with a Perfect Block/Dodge, as you can do a Perfect Block/Dodge, attack a few times then use the super combo; increasing their down time, and your up time. Stamina also regenerates during a Super Combo, so if you're running low after having done too many dodges or blocks, it's a good idea to use it.

Critical Hits reset the monster's animation most times, which can be a very handy thing to have. When an enemy is about to strike you, if a critical hit goes off just before they do (and before you decide to dodge / block), then you reset their animation and you can continue attacking; meaning you're getting that slight extra time to attack some more since you won't be blocking or dodging.

If you use a friend assist for Chaotic Strike, if you really want to maximise your damage as much as possible, doing a Perfect Block or Dodge when the assist is active is actually a questionable idea; A Perfect Block/Dodge can never crit, and although it stuns the enemy for some period, your character is still doing the animation to stun them where it will not crit; Since friend assists buffs are time limited, time wasted blocking, dodging or anything else is time shaved off the friend assist buff. However, not doing a Perfect Block/Dodge is actually faster than if you were to, the issue being you'll have to Block/Dodge more since the enemy wont have down time; but the critical hits can continue in a steady flow.

Use your Friend Assist Skill at the right time! Some monsters such as Wyvern God, Nhang Agni do attacks where they will become unreachable for a period of time. In this case, Nhang Agni will fly back and spit an acid ball at you - requiring you to dodge, but you still have to wait for it to come back down to the ground. Moments like these where you realize it's about to take flight, is a good idea on when to use the Friend Assist as it will reset the animation on everything, including yourself. Since you'll most likely use the Friend Assist eventually, why not use it when you're in down time, to minimise it as much as possible!

Tips & Tricks!Edit

  • Using a friend or stranger with the Gargoyle Set also stacks with the Stun bonus! The monster will get stoned and stunned at the same time that, they have to wait the stun time before the monster can try to break free of the stone, leaving up to an amazing 16~24 seconds of inactivity!
  • Click the plus (+) icon at the top right of a Friend/Stranger's assist window to view their profile, to see what gear they're wearing. This is how you can tell if the person is using a specific Godbeast Armor Set, allowing you to utilize what effect it gives.
  • Using the Dynamic Slash just as the enemy is about to die is a good way to help push a little more Battle Score, as the damage is instant, it counts as damage done even if it exceeds the monster's HP, giving you an additional battle score.
  • Dynamic Slash from the Friend Assist also applies Elemental Resistance only if it's from someone using the full set of the Godbeast armor. Meaning that a Dynamic Slash which would usually do 15,000 damage can do up to 30,000 if the Friend Assist is using the enemy's weakness. This will double the damage due to elements, making the above tip doubled!
  • Since Dynamic Slash also applies Elemental Resistance, using the enemy's strength will cause half the damage as usual; So a Dynamic Slash will only do half the damage. If you have a friend assist that's the enemy's strength, try waiting until the next monster to use it as not every monster is the same element as the stage.
  • Use the Combo Attack by itself - or during the middle of a Directional Attack Combo as every Attack has a specific number of slashes it'll do, before it finishes with a more heavier attack that usually stops your character briefly. If you try and use the Combo Special after the Directional Attack Combo, then you will be left open to be attacked since your character has to 'reset' its animation before applying the Combo Special; Which in turn, can interupt the Combo Special, having consumed it but not use it.
  • If you see your character do a fancy attack animation (Such as the last combo of the downward directional swipe where he does a front flip over his weapon), it is possible to interupt the attack to dodge or block!
  • After an animation delay from ending the Combo Special, Directional Combo Attack or a Perfect Block / Dodge, it's possible to wind up attacks and unleash them in an amazingly quick amount of attacks if you time your swipes well! The speed is about 3x faster than normal, this however can also be spammed too fast that you interupt each attack half way cancelling it entirely. This is not permanent effect and only lasts for about 3 attacks maximum. Unknown if to be a glitch or not.