Dark Wolf God is a Godbeast in the game that is not encounterable, and that not much is known about it. It's only known through the Dark Wolf God Armor which can only be obtained through the Epic 10+1 Chests which is currently unknown to be acquireable or not.
Monster Blade - Dark Wolf God Armor-0

Monster Blade - Dark Wolf God Armor-0

(Last known date for it to be acquired was August 12th, 2013)

When using the full set of the Dark Wolf God Armor, the player will receive the effects of...

Shadow Assassination

This changes your common combo attack to an unique attack which will inflict a flurry of attacks on the enemy and stun them for 8 seconds.

Slayer of the Godbeasts

2x Damage to all Godbeasts

Shadow Trance

Upon death, you will revive with full Health and the enemy will be slowed down by 90%. This will also increase your attack power by 4x for 10 seconds.

If summoned by Friend Assist, the Dark Wolf God will appear and do low damage to the enemy in the same way Aralez, Sahapet and Vahagn do when summoned.